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Gamer Spends Three Hours Making Tom Holland’s Face In Minecraft

Take a bow.

Credit: Mojang

The limitless creative possibilities of Minecraft, and the endless talent of the Minecraft community, never cease to amaze me. Even ten years on from the game’s release, there are still so many new and exciting ways to play.

There’s also a lot of weird-but-still-so-impressive ways to build, including the common trend of building people out of blocks, which is exactly what Reddit user FyreArsenal has done.

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Credit: Reddit/FyreArsenal

FyreArsenal recently took to Reddit to share a speed-build of actor Tom Holland within Minecraft, and it’s seriously photo-realistic. In the image above, the photo on the left is Tom Holland IRL, and on the right is his Minecraft counterpart.

Check out the build in full in the video below, or head on over to Reddit to see the original post [via ComicBook].

Spent 3 hours making Tom Holland’s face in Minecraft from r/marvelstudios

Nice work! I wonder what the veteran Spider-Man actor would have to say about this very. unique-but-cool.homage?


This Tom Holland build joins some of my favourite Minecraft creations of all time, along with the Bob Ross painting of my dreams.

Credit: YouTube/SmallishBeans

YouTuber SmallishBeans decided the best way to get creative with painting was to do it in Minecraft, where he carefully and painstakingly created a landscape piece of art that Mr. Ross would be proud of.

SmallishBeans then went on to showcase his piece with a second Minecraft account so we could all witness the artwork in its true glory.

Check out the video of SmallishBeans’ masterpiece below [thanks, Kotaku!]

If you have any cool Minecraft builds to bring to our attention, drop us a message!

Despite its age, its ‘classic’ look and the fact that it’s still pretty expensive if you want to buy it on the Nintendo Switch, this is exactly why Minecraft is still one of the best games you can play in 2019.

Featured Image Credit: Mojang

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