Player Who Collects Cheese In Skyrim Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Skyrim is the game that keeps on giving. With endless mods, a huge map and a million and one things to do, it’s not surprising that the game is still a firm classic despite being fairly old now.

Over on Reddit, one Skyrim fan has shared a passion for collecting in-game cheese in a thread that’s pure comedy gold.

Credit: Bethesda

Redditor ctcourt shared the following image to the r/gaming subreddit, along with the simple-yet-accurate caption: “So I like to collect cheese in Skyrim.”


Credit: Bethesda/ctcourt

Seems like a fun way to relax in Skyrim!

Reddit being Reddit, players immediately jumped onto the post with some of the best (or worst, depending on how you like your humour) cheese puns we’ve ever seen.


“This gave me a Gouda laugh,” replied one user.

The OP, ctcourt, chimed in with: “I had to kill a lot of muensters to get them.”

We have to give props to the gamer who asked: “Wheel you be collecting more?”

Getting fed up of the cheesy responses, someone raged: “I’m feta up with these ridiculous puns. And you’ve not a chedda remorse for making them?”

Someone shot back with: “Even if I’m remorseless, it’s nacho problem.”
“I can’t Brielieve this!” said one shocked cheese lover.

The hilarity came to a halt when one Redditor reminded us all its “no biggie, don’t cheddar tear for this.”

User Nightshade400 summed it up by saying: “Cheesus these puns are starting to rind on me.”
Check out the thread in full right here for more pun and cheese-filled lols.

Keep the good things coming, Reddit!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/ctcourt