Players Disappointed In God Of War’s Final Hidden Secret

God of War blew the gaming community away when it launched back in April, and it’s quickly become of the highest-rated games of all times thanks to near-perfect reviews across the board. 

Fans praised the game for its storytelling, graphics and pacing, and there’s already rumours of a sequel in the works, which isn’t surprising. 

The game also contained a bunch of Easter eggs and secrets, but despite the game’s huge fan following, there was still one hidden extra that remained undiscovered. 

If you haven’t yet played the Santa Monica Studio success yet then turn away now, because you’ll find spoilers ahead. You have been warned! 

At the San Diego Comic Con panel for God of War, the mysterious hidden secret was brought up when a fan asked the game’s director, Cory Barlog, about the Easter egg. Offering up a hint, Barlog suggested players spend some time exploring Kratos’ home. 

Working on the clue, players dived straight into the game and got treasure-hunting, but if what’s been uncovered is the hidden secret, it’s left fans a little underwhelmed… 

According to the God of War secrets subreddit, some scattered runes have been found in Kratos’ house, which together spell out “Loki” – the original name of Atreus. 

It’s nice and it’s definitely a hidden secret, but it’s not exactly earth-shattering news, and fans are hoping this isn’t the supposed Easter egg they’d been so keen to find.

Reddit sleuth SkipOneEBR posted on the forum offering evidence that the runes really are the final secret in the game, and there’s a lot to suggest this is it (including confirmation from GoW SDCC panellist and concept artist, Joe Kennedy) – despite fans adamantly hoping there’s still something else to be discovered. 

You can check out the post in full here. 

Sorry God of War fans – maybe some DLC will offer more treasure-hunting and sleuthing…?