Could it be?!

PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Rumoured To Go Live This Week

It’s believed that pre-orders for the next Sony console, PlayStation 5, could be going live as early as this week.

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As always with unconfirmed leaks and rumours, take this one with a pinch of salt until confirmed.

The alleged news comes from known video games leaker IronManPS5, who took to Twitter to claim that the official go date for PS5 pre-orders will be September 9. The user has been wrong about leaks in the past, so definitely don’t take this one as gospel.


There is one reason why September 9 (a.k.a this Wednesday if you’re me and you no longer understand days of the week) could be the date, and it’s actually fairly compelling.

As pointed out by DugoutGamer in the tweet thread, if Sony wants to stick with its “25 years of PlayStation” selling point, the company will technically have to start selling the console within 25 years of the PS1 – putting the date at September 9, 2020.

Credit: Sony

DugoutGamer said: “PS1 released in NA Sept 9th 1994. It cannot be after Sept 9th otherwise it’s not officially ‘’within Playstation’s 25th anniversary year’’. If Sony follows the trend, it’s hard to imagine another date than/after Sept 9th. This one is almost guaranteed in the bag.”


With just a few months until the Holiday 2020 period during which the consoles will launch, Sony and Microsoft definitely need to show theirs hands sooner rather than later. With no price point for either of the next-gen consoles (and the disc-less PS5), time is ticking for the tech giants.

Hopefully we’ll hear more this week, because really, I need to start saving my pennies. If you’re still waiting on tenterhooks for the price reveals, you can check out the official specs comparison here. Maybe you can at least decide which console you’re best saving up for!

Featured Image Credit: Sony