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PlayStation 4 Gamers Are Baffled By 2016 Console Trick

PlayStation UK blew the minds of PS4 users across the globe last year, after sharing a snippet from Reddit to its social media accounts.

Both on Facebook and Twitter, PlayStation UK shocked the world when it shared an image from Redditor RockyB95, reading: “I’ve had a PS4 for almost five years. I just now learned if you select a hidden trophy and press square it’ll tell you what the trophy is.”

Credit: Pixabay

PlayStation UK added: “We don’t know who needs to hear this but:”


Even a year on from the tweet, the revelation has completely baffled PS4 gamers, with basically everyone admitting that yeah, they didn’t know this was a thing either.

Aside from literally thousands of GIF responses simply showing people looking completely shocked to their very cores, a few people decided to use the platform to share some more PlayStation 4 knowledge.

One user tweeted another image from Reddit user srbman, reading: “While in game: 1. PS Button to go back home. 2. Open trophies. 3. Double tap the PS button and you’re back in-game.”


There’s even a way to swap between screens, as evidenced in the tweet below.

One Twitter user enlightened us by saying: “you can enable an option that lets you press the PS Button + Square simultaneously to zoom in on the screen.”

PlayStation added that the press-square-to-reveal-trophies feature was actually introduced way back in 2016, after being quietly pushed in with a system update.


Did you know this was a thing?

Featured Image Credit: Sony