But there's a catch...

PlayStation Gamers Can Now Grab A Resident Evil Village Freebie

Capcom and PlayStation have teamed up to give PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gamers a free treat for Resident Evil fans.

The treat in question is a free PlayStation avatar of that creepy, overly tall vampire-looking lady that we’ve seen in a number of Resident Evil Village trailers.

resident evil village vampire
Credit: Capcom

By redeeming the code “LEJH-M8N9-E5XF” on the US PlayStation Store, you can display this lovely lady as your PlayStation profile picture. However there is a snag.

The snag being that this is a North America code meaning that it cannot be redeemed on a European, Asian or any other account outside of North America.

Sure you can create a US account if you’re from Europe (which I did years ago to gain regional content) but as far as I’m aware you cannot use an avatar from your US account on a European account.

Image of trophies on PS5
Credit: Sony

This is a shame because you can access US themes on other region accounts, as well as some DLC and vice versa. However from my experience the same doesn’t apply to avatars for some reason.

Hopefully PlayStation and Capcom will provide codes for other gamers not from North America and if they do we’ll let you know!

Yesterday Capcom announced that Resident Evil Village is getting a special showcase event next week on Thursday, January 21st at 10pm UK time/2pm PT/5pm ET.

The event promises an in-depth gameplay walkthrough which will give us the best look yet at the new village location and its inhabitants. A multiplayer beta was also announced which kicks-off at the end of this month.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom