The Next Big PlayStation Remake Could Be A Beloved JRPG Classic

According to XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, the rumoured big PlayStation remake set to be announced this Christmas is Square Enix’s Chrono Cross (thanks, VGC).

Speaking on the XboxEra podcast, Baker said that he was told that VGC’s report on the rumoured PlayStation remake is Chrono Cross. “Chrono Cross Remastered, I think, was already on the Nivida leak list, so the game shouldn’t be a surprise,” he says.

Interestingly though, the game might not be PlayStation exclusive after all. “everyone’s working under the assumption that it’s a PlayStation exclusive—I’ve been told that it’s not. The only word that was used was ‘multiplat’.”

YouTube video

Baker also noted that he thinks confusion came from the fact that PlayStation is set to announce the remake of Chrono Cross . He’s under the assumption the game will be coming to PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. But he doesn’t know for sure which platforms it will release on. He said he assumes it won’t come to Xbox because it’s a JRPG. 

VGC’s first report on the rumoured remake came about due to Irish Folk singer Éabha McMahon, who said she recorded an Irish language theme for a PlayStation game. Chrono Cross’ soundtrack does feature Celtic influences, so it’s very plausible that the remake is for the PS1 game.

Credit: Square Enix

It is a little surprising that the remake is supposedly for Chrono Cross and not Chrono Trigger. The latter is easily the more popular of the two games. And Cross has never received an official release on PAL regions. There’s also the question of whether this will be a remaster. Or if it will be a full on remake akin to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. But with the rumour slating the announcement for this Christmas, we might not be waiting too long to find out.

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix