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‘Please Don’t Look At My Erotic Fanfiction,’ Says No Man’s Sky Director

No Man’s Sky has had one helluva ride on its way to the top after a disastrous launch back in 2016. The game has now made good on its initial promises though, with several massive patches introducing the gameplay we’d been hoping for since day one.

No Man’s Sky now has a huge following, and its director Sean Murray has never been so beloved by the gaming community. At least, I thought he’d never been so beloved by the gaming community, but it turns out that four years ago some sexy fanfiction about the creator made its way to Reddit. It’s now doing the rounds again, much to Murray’s chagrin.

Credit: Hello Games

YouTube channel Internet Historian recently uploaded a video on No Man’s Sky, which included a reading and animation of the fanfic. Of course, Murray caught wind of the video, and he took to Twitter to “warn” his followers [via DualShockers].


Sharing the video, Murray tweeted: “UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WATCH PAST THE 45 MIN MARK.


He then went on to tweet: “Oh dear god it’s trending…how do you delete things off the internet?”


If you want to experience the erotic fanfic for yourself, check it out on Reddit or in the video below. Obviously, it’s pretty NSFW.

YouTube video

All things considered, Murray has taken the fanfic with a lot of good-natured grace, which just goes to show that he’s a helluva guy. (Presumably the fanfic also paints him in a similar light).

No Man’s Sky’s last mega update went live in the summer of 2018, and it received high praise from players. The game quickly went from being so-bad-it’s-a-meme to becoming one of the best exploration and adventure games on the market – an impressive feat considering it first launched back in 2016.


Featured Image Credit: Hello Games