Something Terrible Happened To This Headless Snorlax Found On The Road

Someone get Detective Pikachu on the phone!

Credit: Facebook/Jepoy Camaliga

There’s nothing I love more than an internet mystery, and this giant decapitated Snorlax spotted on the roadside is definitely a mystery. A snap of the humungous plushie (which might actually be a life-size version of everyone’s favourite spirit animal) was shared to Facebook where it’s garnered a lot of attention – and raised a lot of questions.

As shared to Facebook’s Nintendo Switch Singapore page [via NintendoSoup], the image shows the body of a Snorlax just chilling out by the trash, presumably awaiting collection from some bemused trash men.

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Credit: Facebook/Jepoy Camaliga

The user who posted the pic joked: “Snorlax blocking the road and still ignoring pokeflute. Ash: Charizard use CUT.”

The poor deceased Snorlax is a complete mystery, with no-one stepping forward to offer an explanation. Did the owner move house and discover the head was too large to fit in the door? Did poor Snorlax have a run-in with a disgruntled Scyther?

Credit: Facebook/Jepoy Camaliga

Personally if I had to done my Detective Pikachu hat, I’d guess that Snorlax found itself on the pointy end of a lovers’ quarrel. Unfortunately we’ll probably never know the truth behind Snorlax, but it’s safe to say that this is something that even the most skilled Nurse Joy won’t be able to fix.


In other Pokémon news, a brand-new Pokemon hotel in Japan has been stealing hearts all over the globe.

Credit: Miramu

The hotel features Pokémon themed rooms decked out in Pokémon goodness from top to bottom. It’s enough to send any fan giddy with delight.  There are Pokémon bed sheets, wallpaper, cutlery, furniture, even a giant, cuddly Snorlax (complete with head) and more.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Guests that book these rooms will also walk away with some free goodies (and I’m not talking about the bathroom cosmetics that attach to your sticky fingers either).  Guests will have an original drawstring bag, an original welcome card and two original hand towers, all of which cannot be purchased anywhere else. The Pokémon themed rooms can be booked-up at a number of Mimaru Hotels across Japan. 

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Jepoy Camaliga

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