Pokemon Fan Remakes Legends Arceus Where You Play As Pokemon

A fan has essentially remade Pokemon: Legends Arceus, and made it so that you could play as almost any Pokemon.

The mainline Pokemon games are obviously incredibly popular. Catching them all is part of the whole point, but sometimes, you might want something a bit different. Playing as a Pokemon always feels a little special, as there aren’t too many games where you get to do so. And never in one of the main series games.

But today is your lucky day, because YouTuber Avatar Nick essentially remade Pokemon: Legends Arceus. And on top of that, you can play as almost any Pokemon (thanks, TheGamer). 

YouTube video

A few months ago, Avatar Nick made a video talking about how he made Pokemon: Legends Arceus so Nintendo doesn’t have to. In that video, he included every single Pokemon in the games bar the new Hisuian forms.

In this latest video, he made it so that you could play as any of them. Nick started by using Cyndaquil as a basis, making a controller so that you could play as the fiery critter. He then used Cyndaquil’s proportions as the base for every other Pokemon. But this caused clipping in basically every creature larger than Cyndaquil. So eventually he made it so that proportions scaled with the size of the Pokemon. 

Nick also had to make it so that each Pokemon could use four moves. But to keep things simple, pretty much every Pokemon can use the same kind of move, just with different typings. And he also made sure to include alpha Pokemon, five of which you would need to beat to get to the end of the game.

It looks like Nick did a really great job of making a game where you can play as Pokemon all by himself. Now we just need to hope Nintendo will give us that chance someday too.

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Featured Image Credit: The Pokemon Company/ Avatar Nick