Pokemon GO! Will Finally Introduce Moltres – For Just 3 Hours

The legendary Pokemon are fan-favourites, and when Pokemon GO! introduced Zapdos and Articuno the GO! community went wild trying to capture the two.

Unfortunately, the window of capture was a very, very small one, as both Pokemon were only available for a mere three hours.

During that time players could nab themselves an ultra-rare shiny version of each, and five free raid passes were handed out.

To get yourself one of the legendaries you’d need to take part in a Raid Battle – a co-op experience that’ll have you work with other players to defeat the Pokemon.

The same will be the case for Moltres, who is believed to be appearing as a Raid Boss. You should be able to find Moltres at any Gym, where an egg should appear. A timer will count down and then you and some pals will be entered into battle with a chance to add Moltres to your Pokedex.

Moltres is the third and final part of the GO! Global Challenge, and will be available for just one day – 8th September 2018.

The Flying/Fire type Pokemon will appear for a three-hour period that should match up with your area’s Community Day times.

Will you be trying to catch yourself a Moltres?

In other Pokemon news, there’s not too long to wait now for the release of upcoming titles, Let’s Go, Pikachu! and its sister-game, Let’s Go, Eevee! Arriving later this year, we’re still getting treated to snippets of gameplay thanks to the lovely folks at Nintendo.

In a recent new trailer (which you can watch below) we can finally see some of the games’ Mega Evolution forms, with Mega Gyarados and Mega Kangaskhan making an appearance.

YouTube video

The gamplay footage shows the Mega Evolutions taking on some very sorry-looking Pokemon who probably regret entering into a battle with these bad boys.

Although the Let’s Go! games are meant to appeal to a more casual audience (Pokemon Go! players, essentially) there’s still set to be a decent amount of battling in the games for more seasoned Pokemon console players.