Pokemon Studio Are Working on a New Japanese Inspired IP

Pokemon studio Game Freak has teamed up with Private Division to make a Japanese-inspired action-adventure IP codenamed ‘Project Bloom.’

Japanese studio Game Freak are most known for developing the Pokemon franchise, however they are now turning their attention to a new action-adventure IP. Codenamed ‘Project Bloom’, the team has released our first-look at the Japanese-inspired title which is a lot different to what we usually expect from them. 

Pokemon’s Studio ‘Project Bloom’

This news comes courtesy of Private Division who announced the new project this week. Private Division themselves are an indie-focused publisher branching off of Take-Two. It will be interesting to see how Game Freak and them work together. 

As to what we can expect, the concept art released alongside the announcement shows a character in Japanese-esque clothing standing amongst a forest of towering trees. The lone warrior, perhaps a Samurai, stands in shallow water overlooking the scene as fireflies dance around them. 

In an accompanying press release, Game Freak director Kota Furushima spoke about Project Bloom:

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to create a new IP that is bold and tonally different from our prior work. From the beginning, Private Division was the publisher we wanted to work with on our new game. Their track record and global expertise give us all the confidence to create a sweeping new action-adventure game that we can’t wait to share more about in the future.”

When can we expect to hear more

As you can expect, with only one piece of concept art and a code-named title, Project Bloom is still in early development. However, we can perhaps expect to see it in Take-Two’s 2026 Fiscal Year.

Although this is something of a different direction for Game Freak than the Pokemon franchise, the concept art is already getting people excited. We will keep you up-to-date on further developments.

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