Pokémon Sword And Shield Beaten With Wooloo Only


Credit: Nintendo

Pokémon Sword and Shield might be the most divisive games in the franchise to date, but that hasn’t stopped players having an absolute blast with the new titles. When revealed earlier this year, the games showed off one new Pokémon that captured hearts across the world – Wooloo – and now we have the first Wooloo-only completion run of the game.

As spotted by Polygon, player Celvx trained up a Wooloo and took on the world to become the new champions of the Galar region.

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Credit: Nintendo

Together, Celvx and Wooloo Ares battled against the odds, beating all eight gym leaders and the game’s previous champion, Leon.

Celvx said to Polygon: “I choose Wooloo because it was available from the start of the game and had almost become a sort of psuedo-mascot for the game, with a lot of fan art for Sword and Shield featuring Wooloo,

“I chose Scorbunny [for my starter] and threw it in the PC boxes as soon as I could.”


Credit: Nintendo

Celvx also posted of the win on Reddit. The Wooloo used to beat the game shows that made it all the way to Level 100, boasting a very tidy 217 HP. It definitely wasn’t an easy road to victory though.

During the double battle with Raihan, Celvx had to use a useless Magikarp, opting for the Splash move to make sure that it was really Wooloo who was winning the battle. After seven or eight attempts, Raihan was beaten.

According to Celvx, the Wooloo-only run took “at least 20 hours” split into “two main sessions of playing the game.”

Credit: Nintendo

“I can definitely say I had way more fun playing through the game this way than I would if I’d used a full team of six,” he said.

“Get creative with it, push your boundaries, and most importantly, play the game in a way that’s fun to you!”

Pokémon Sword and Shield are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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