‘Pokemon With Guns’ Palworld Gets A New Weird Trailer

Palworld, the very clearly Pokemon ripoff but with guns, recently got a new trailer, and the strangeness shows no signs of stopping.

The idea of giving a Pokemon a gun is probably something a 12 year old would come up with to be edgy. But Palworld is a real game, and it really does feature Pokemon with guns.

The game first got revealed last June, and this newest trailer shows off a couple of new things. Once again we see you can do things like riding your “Pals”. And you can use some of them to help water your garden, or build constructions like… a rocketship.

YouTube video

Did we mention that fusing your Pals is also a thing? It was shown off in the first trailer, but we got another look at it with another set of Pals. But really the big seller does seem to be the fact that these collectible critters can use guns. There’s one shot showing off a Totoro clone holding a minigun taking down a hoard of enemies.

Weirdly this then glitches out to reveal a cult holding more Totoro Pals hostage? Maybe? And then a production line of sad looking Pals making assault rifles. So it seems that Palworld has some big ambitions when it comes to its story.

We honestly have no idea what kind of game Palworld is going to be. Developer Pocketpair’s previous game, Craftopia, was also an obvious ripoff of Breath of the Wild. Craftopia also seems to let you just do literally anything, once again the kind of game a 12 year old might come up with. But hey, Pocketpair actually went and made the game every kid dreams of, maybe.

Palworld is set to release some time in 2022, and is available to wishlist on Steam.

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Featured Image Credit: Pocketpair