Final Fantasy Creator Now Has His Own Fashion Line In FF14

The creator of Final Fantasy Hironobu Sakaguchi has set up his own fashion line inside of Final Fantasy 14.

While Sakaguchi isn’t involved in the development of Final Fantasy 14, the acclaimed developer has been playing a lot of it. And more recently, he seems to have set up his own fashion line, very cheekily called sakaGUCCI.

It’s important to note that this isn’t actually an official release from Square Enix. The creator of Final Fantasy doesn’t work at Square Enix anymore. And it’s not that you can make custom clothing either. But anything a player crafts has the creator’s name attached to it. So anyone that purchases a piece of clothing made by Sakaguchi will essentially be owning a piece of his clothing line.

Sakaguchi has had a few releases of sakaGUCCI so far, the latest a simple black outfit. A previous release also included a cute yellow raincoat. The Fantasian director also asked fans not to resell any of the items. He suggested glamouring the items, so that they cannot be resold. This is likely to avoid people profiting too much from having his name attached to the clothing. He also noted that some actions might get rid of his name from the clothing.

If Sakaguchi’s name gets you in the mood for some classic Final Fantasy, then watching the final trailer for Stranger of Paradise might help you out. Yes, the trailer does feature Frank Sinatra. No, we don’t know why, but it’s Final Fantasy, so it might be easier not to question.

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Featured Image Credit: Hironobu Sakaguchi/ Square Enix