Pokemon Wordle Is Now A Thing, Thanks To New Fan-Made Game

Every day it seems like there’s a new Wordle clone, as now there’s a new one in town that’s all about Pokemon.

All in all, Wordle is a pretty simple game. Sure, it can be hard to guess a five letter word when your mind goes blank. Those yellows and greens might not actually help you figure it out. But the newest Wordle clone, Squirdle, is all about guessing Pokemon.

In Wordle, you have six guesses to guess the right word. But all you need to do is get the letters in the right place. In Squirdle, however, you have a lot more that you have to think about.

Squirdle works by providing you information on what gen it’s from, what type it is, and what height and weight it is. Say you guess Charmander, a gen one Pokémon. But the Pokemon you’re looking for is from gen three. So the square will have an arrow pointing up telling you you’ve guessed too low a gen. And for typing, it mostly copies Wordle. 

pokemon legends arceus
Credit: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

You might guess a Pokemon that is fire fighting, but it’s only fighting type. The second type will come up as yellow saying you’ve got the right type but in the wrong place. And you get eight guesses instead of six. It’s a clever way of slowly helping you figure out which Pokémon it might be. But unlike Wordle, where many words are just naturally stored in our brains, you need to know Pokémon inside and out. 

It makes for an incredibly fun change of pace from Wordle, if guessing words isn’t exactly your forte. And there are likely many more Wordle clones to pop up. Someone just needs to make a Digimon one now.

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Featured Image Credit: Josh Wardle/ The Pokémon Company