PowerWash Simulator 2023 Roadmap – everything you need to know

With a content-filled year already under their belt, PowerWash Simulator is continuing to offer exciting news in their 2023 roadmap. Here’s what we know so far.

The first few months of the year saw PowerWash Simulator head to Croft Manor and Midgar in their Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy 7 crossovers. Now, the hit-game shows no signs of slowing down with an unveiling of their roadmap for the second half of the year.

Screenshot showing the Powerwash Simulator 2023 roadmap.
Credit: FuturLab

PowerWash Simulator Roadmap

The roadmap released by FuturLab is split into three of the year’s remaining quarters and each offers a combination of free and paid content. Although not all of the content has been released yet, we can still get a peek of some of the things we can expect.

For example, the first free update will arrive on April 18 – The Muckingham Files. This update will add new areas to the game’s base game map where we can assume most of the free content will take place. 

This will see two new jobs available in the Mauka Aitu Desert area as well as trips to a Solar Water Plant and a Satellite Dish. In standard PowerWash Simulator fashion, these will all need a good clean in order to progress the game. The new free content will end with a trip to Muckingham’s recreation ground, home to a lot of grubby food trucks.

Improvements to base game

FuturLab have also assured fans of their dirt-busting game that there will be improvements to base game content. This includes improvements to existing jobs which will see them get new story content. 

“Replay them for more tales and tit-bits from your favourite filthy town,” the studio commented.

PowerWash Simulator Physical Release

This news comes after it was revealed the popular title would be getting a physical release. After only being a digital download until now, it will be heading to PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on April 13.

Until then, we can’t wait to see the roadmap fill up to see what other content we can look forward to. 

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