Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom final trailer released

The final trailer for The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom just dropped and it has fans hyped. Let’s take a look at what it showed.

With the last trailer before the game’s full launch on May 12, it had to be epic and epic it was. It included more sneak peeks at the game’s traversal and crafting system as well as the return of Ganondorf. It’s safe to say that it is already shaping up to be Game of the Year.

This trailer comes after Tears of the Kingdom received a gameplay showcase back in March. This feature showed us everything from the new crafting and fusing system to the ascend ability which will make traversal a lot more fun.

Tears of the Kingdom Final Trailer

YouTube video

Today’s trailer didn’t reveal too much as Nintendo have been keeping their cards very close to their chest. However, it definitely gave fans enough to have them speculating until release.

The Tears of the Kingdom trailer opens with tranquil music as the camera spans across the epic Sky Islands of Hyrule before cutting to Link as he soars through the sky. We then see our protagonist explore vast lands, bustling villages and mountain vistas. 

Then, in typical trailer fashion, the mood soon changes when the tranquil peace is shattered with falling debris and the return of a familiar enemy. It is here we get a glimpse of Zelda as well of the lengths Link will have to go through in this epic tale.

Screenshot taken from the final Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It shows Zelda clutching an unseen object.
Credit: Nintendo

Maneuvering levers in puzzles, soaring through the sky on his glider and fighting on horseback are just some of the things we see in this trailer. It is no doubt that fan’s will be scouring this trailer looking for lore clues.

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