Pragmata, Whatever It Is, Has Been Delayed To 2023

Capcom’s mysterious PRAGMATA has been officially delayed to 2023 after a lengthy period of silence.

PRAGMATA’s official Twitter account announced the news with a fairly strange video. It starts with a closeup of the blonde haired girl featured in the first trailer. And it slowly zooms out to reveal her holding a board that has 2022 crossed out on it, with an arrow pointing to 2023, as well as the caption, “sorry :(“. Why they decided to announce it this way is anyone’s guess.

A second tweet also showed off some new artwork. The artwork shows the girl in her puffy blue jacket in front of some kind of strange, colourful tube. It certainly doesn’t offer any more answers as to what the game actually is. PRAGMATA was revealed in last year’s PS5 showcase. It looks like some kind of futuristic sci-fi game.

The first trailer showed off a character that resembles Kojima Production’s Ludens, and a variety of mildly trippy visuals. But the official Twitter account hadn’t posted anything since June 12, other than this recent update. Some speculated that a delay announcement was coming back in January, as Sony’s press conference at CES stated that that the game would be coming in 2023 in one slide. So while it took a while to be announced, PRAGMATA being delayed to 2023 isn’t much of a surprise.

PRAGMATA is a next gen exclusive, releasing only on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Whatever kind of game it might end up being, it’s great to see Capcom opt for something outside of Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. It’s possible the revitalised success of Resident Evil has led Capcom to be more confident in trying out new ideas.

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Featured Image Credit: Capcom