We Should Stop Playing Video Games, Say Environmental Experts

According to environmental “experts”, the ideal citizen should stop playing video games in order to save the planet. Say what now?!

For sure, decreasing daily energy consumption is very important, but I don’t think any of us reading this article will stop gaming any time soon. Personally, it wouldn’t surprise me if I’m still playing video games from beyond the grave.

Credit: Nasa/Unsplash.com

The reason some experts are saying that we should stop playing video games is due to the Paris Agreement that was signed in 2016. The Paris Agreement is an international treaty that was created in order to improve global finances and climate change.

Twitter account ‘Politics for All‘ shared information from ConflitsFrance. A tweet informs us that we should shower three times a week for a maximum of eights minutes at a time. We should also buy a maximum of three shirts a year and two pairs of trousers. Ok, that’s not much different to what I do now.

No Lord of the Rings Netflix binge for you

Furthermore, we should all stream a maximum of two hours a day. So, no Lord of the Rings trilogy for you today. Oh, and yeah, and stop playing video games! I can see where they’re coming from in terms of energy consumption, but that’s not happening. Sorry, not sorry.

In fairness, climate change does need to improve drastically as mother earth is in turmoil right now. But there are loads of other little things we can do to help. I don’t own a car, so that’s one less bit of pollution to worry about.

Credit: Mojang/Xbox Game Studios

I won’t stop playing video games. However, I will at least research what else I could be doing to lend a helping hand. Will you stop playing video games to save the planet? Let us know across our social media channels.


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