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Pretend You Have A PS5 With The New ‘PS5 Simulator’

If you missed out on being able to pick-up the much-wanted PS5 console then fear no more because you can now pretend you have one thanks to PS5 Simulator!

PS5 Simulator promises to give you the full experience, by “unpacking, setting up and playing your brand new PS5 in this ridiculous physics based simulator game!

PS5 Simulator
Credit: freegameplanet.com/ps5-simulator-download-game/

To be fair most “simulator” games are very tongue-in-cheek and are really in no way a replication of real-life.


However after watching the PS5 Simulator I’m pretty sure that the person that has developed this game has somehow installed cameras in my home and recorded footage of me opening my Amazon Prime delivery boxes.

It’s quite surreal to be honest, because this is the exact same process that I go through opening my deliveries and it’s jarringly lifelike!

PS5 Simulator is a free indie game that is available to download on PC and has you simulating the real-life experience of receiving your PS5 console via courier and then playing out the entire installation process.


The game description reads: “All you have to do now is unpack it, plug it in and get it set up and you’ll be able to enjoy some cutting edge 4K 60fps gaming.” 

It’s really as simple as that, so what could go wrong?

However when I thought this ultra real-life simulating experience couldn’t get any better the PS5 also comes with a copy of Knack 3! Exciting times indeed!

YouTube video

PS5 Simulator is a short experience which is said to take around 10 minutes to playthrough, which I suppose all depends on how smoothly your installation goes.

I’m not able to get a PS5 until next year and my laptop isn’t even good enough to play this game, so I’m doomed either way.  But you can download PS5 Simulator for free here.

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Featured Image Credit: freegameplanet.com/ps5-simulator-download-game/