Princess Bowser Is Now A Thing And The Internet Has Lost Its Mind

Nintendo has some of the most beloved characters in the history of gaming, and it’s no stranger to basing its newer characters off pre-existing ones (Toadette, anyone?).

Enter Princess Bowser.

A Twitter user by the name of Haniwa posted this adorable – albeit a little creepy – comic strip which shows Nintendo’s favourite villain gender-swapping himself into Princess Bowser.

The comic quickly went viral, and now a few days later we’ve been treated to the trending topic that is #PrincessBowser.

Nintendo and anime fans have been creating images of the would-be Princess of Doom in a variety of – shall we say suggestive – poses and the internet is loving the trend.

You can check out some of the most popular images below.

But where did Princess Bowser actually come from?

Nintendo recently announced that next year the Nintendo Switch will be getting a port of New Super Mario Bros. U, a title first released on the Wii U.

Along with New Super Luigi U being included in the Switch version, Nintendo also decided to make a very interesting change by making the character of Peachette canon.

Toadette will be playable in the title and will be able to transform into Peachette with the help of a new item called the crown power-up, which Twitter user Haniwa reimagined being used by Bowser.

Wonder if Nintendo plans to make Princess Bowser a canon character in the future? Hey, weirder things have happened…