Professor Is Teaching His Students As An Anime Schoolgirl

Everyday tasks like going to the shops, heading out to school and getting to the office have become infinitely more difficult as governments across the world are advising people to stay in their homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While kids in Japan have hosted their own graduation within Minecraft, sports stars have taken their cancelled games into video game livestreams as a means to get by.

Via: The Paper

In schools, things are no different, as professors and teachers look to host online classes in the most fun ways possible. Over at Shanghai University’s Fine Arts College, a digital arts professor has decided to take his classes to the next level – by transforming into an anime schoolgirl.

As reported by The Paper [via Kotaku], Professor Jiang Fei created several different online characters through which to present his classes, allowing the pupils to pick their favourite. Of course, they chose the schoolgirl.

Via: The Paper

The professor reportedly wrote the software himself, which can transform him faster than your favourite Magical Girl. He claims the avatar helps to promote his pupils’ learning, and hey, why not have a little fun in these dark times?

He told The Paper [translated]: “The background shows that students’ enthusiasm for class and the improvement of homework quality have made significant progress.”

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If you can find ways to stay at home and have fun, there’s never been a better time to implement them!

With more and more people confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, platforms like Twitch, Discord and Steam are seeing huge spikes in the number of people tuning in and/or turning on their consoles as a means of staying connected and fending off boredom.

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Expect to see more creative stories just like Professor Jiang Fei’s as the outbreak continues.

Featured Image Credit: The Paper/Kotaku