Xbox Series X Controller Should Be Easier And Comfier To Hold

With the next generation of console gaming approaching, Microsoft has been first to unveil its first look and specs for the Xbox Series X. The absolute beast of a machine is looking and sounding seriously impressive so far, and we’ve now gotten more info on the console’s controllers.

The Xbox Series X controller looks pretty similar to its current-gen brother, though it definitely sports a few major differences that pro gamers should be huge fans of.

Credit: Microsoft

With new buttons (including a share button and D-pad), some ergonomic changes to suit smaller hands, and easier ways to be linked to non-Xbox devices, the controller is looking pretty sweet so far.

Speaking with Xbox Newswire, senior designer Ryan Whitaker recently delved a little deeper into what the controller has to offer – and it sounds like it’s going to be a lot more comfortable to use than the current model.

Credit: Microsoft

“One key area we’re improving is fitting a wider range of hand sizes, especially smaller hands. By accommodating hands similar to those of an average 8-year-old, we found we could improve accessibility and comfort for hundreds of millions more people without negatively affecting the experience for those with larger hands. We did that by rounding the bumpers, slightly reducing and rounding parts around the triggers, and carefully sculpting the grips.” said Whitaker.

Speaking specifically about the controller’s new D-pad, Whitaker said: “The new D-pad is about boosting performance and accessibility for all the ways people play…

Credit: Microsoft

“Building on what we learned from Elite and watching how people use the D-pad, we designed a hybrid to deliver the best of both. It feels great. The slightly deeper dish gives your thumb a nice little “home” to sit in. The angles are finely tuned to give you a good amount of leverage with minimal movement. Gamers will notice a performance boost right out of the box.”

Credit: Microsoft

The controller now also features a share button, which Whitaker says is “the best way to make capturing and sharing instantaneous.”

Barring any delays, the Xbox Series X will launch Holiday 2020.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft