PS4’s ‘Skapp’ Turns Your Phone Into A Finger Skateboard

Skapp, an innovative new skateboarding game, is coming to the PS4 and it’ll essentially turn your iPhone or Android phone into a finger skateboard. 

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 is hands-down one of my favourite games to release on this console generation and despite me sucking at the game, it’s a game that I can’t get enough of.  However, while the game called Skapp is of the skateboarding genre, it’s something quite different to say the least.

PlayStation Logo with Skateboard
Credit: Sony/Unsplash

Skapp will first release on PS4 and is a timed exclusive for one year, then there are plans to release it to PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.  What makes Skapp different from the likes of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, is that moving in-game and performing tricks are all performed by using your mobile device.

Developed by Bound Games as part of the PlayStation Talents Game Camp, Skapp turns your phone into an in-game skateboard using motion controls, making it a first game of its kind.  I know there is such a thing as remote play on PS4, but to get a clearer picture of what I mean, check out the trailer for Skapp below.

YouTube video

When using remote play, you can connect your DualShock 4 to your phone, but the best way that I can describe how you use your phone to play Skapp on the PS4, is to compare it to using the Wii remote. 

To do some tricks, you literally have to flip your phone. Which to be fair is quite worrying, especially if you drop your phone during a trick, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.  However, I would strongly recommend equipping a strong phone case before playing this game!

Credit: Pixabay

There will be a variety of levels to play in Skapp, as well as a story mode, and according to the developers “there is no limit to the types of tricks that can be recreated in Skapp.” Plus you can even perform the legendary “900 Spin”, made famous by Mr Tony Hawk.

Skapp will launch its Kickstarter campaign this month on October 27th, which you can check out here. A playable demo will launch alongside the campaign. 

Credit: Kickstarter/Bound Games

Do you think Skapp will take off or do you think it means certain doom for mobile phones worldwide?  Let us know on Twitter!

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Featured Image Credit: Kickstarter/Bound Games