PS5 Will Completely Renovate The Way We Install Games

The PlayStation 5 is sounding better than we could have hoped for, and now we know the console is officially launching at the end of 2020, we can even start counting down the months until release (sort of).

Thanks to the WIRED article and the PlayStation blog we now know more than ever about the PS5, including the fact that yeah, it’s called the PS5.

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One of the most interesting – and yet overlooked – things to emerge from the new slew of PS5 info is regarding just how the console will tackle game installation, and it’s actually some seriously interesting stuff.

Thanks to its solid-state drive (SSD), the PS5 will be able to perform faster than the PS4’s hard-drive, meaning we can expect reduced load times and more memory space.

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WIRED, who got an exclusive look at the PS5 in its current form, also reports that the SSD will give gamers a “more configurable installation,” meaning you’ll be able to customise how you download the game.

For example, if multiplayer is the only part of Call of Duty that you care about, you’ll be able to install that mode before you install the campaign, so you can get right down to playing without having to install the whole game as a single entity.

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The same logic works for what you want to keep saved on the console as well. If the multiplayer sucks you can remove it from the PS5 and keep only the campaign installed, and vice-versa.

This is actually going to be a massively useful tool for those of us with huge game libraries who constantly have to pick and choose what to keep and what to remove.

Credit: Sony

The PlayStation 5 has yet to be unveiled to the world, but so far it’s sounding pretty darn good to me.

The PS5 releases worldwide during the Holiday season 2020.

Featured Image Credit: Sony