What a world.

PSA: Bowser’s Baton Dance Syncs Perfectly With Britney Spears’ Toxic

Y’know, as an industry, we don’t talk enough about how fabulous Bowser is. Despite being constantly being beaten down by his plumber nemesis, Bowser still finds a way to be a bad boss b*tch, especially when it comes to extra curricularar activities. Now, thanks to Radicube on Twitter, we now know that the Mushroom Kingdom’s bugbear is a big-time Britney Spears fan.

In a clip posted to Twitter, Radicube points out that Bowser’s baton dance from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games syncs up with Spears’ 2003 bop Toxic.

This just in: Bowser’s Baton Dance syncs perfectly with Britney Spear’s Toxic. Noticed this like 5 years ago, but only just remembered last night during an all-nighter, so I’m sharing this to make sure none of us ever have to forget again,” tweeted Radicube.


While some viewers might be unnerved by this discovery, I’m personally ecstatic.

Bowser and I are both chonky boys, so seeing him get his Koopa on has inspired me somewhat. Of course, Twitter has also pointed out that Bowser’s moves match up to more than Britney’s best song (don’t @ me).

Bowser isn’t the only one embracing their inner aesthetic, as Shadow the Hedgehog’s baton dance also syncs up with Crush 40’s “I am. All Of Me”.


Shadow’s moves remind me of my favourite rock club’s dancefloor, so I’m hoping to see him dancing to some great emo tunes once lockdown is lifted. Check it out below.

If you need a boost, then I’d highly recommend watching Bowser’s Britney Baton mashup on repeat. I’d love to see Bowser’s dance on TikTok to that viral Toxic X Loveshack challenge that’s been making the rounds.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony Music/Nintendo