Another Rare Charizard Pokemon Card Has Sold For Over $300,000

It’s common knowledge that some Pokemon cards are valuable, but that didn’t prepare us for the fact that another Charizard card has sold for over $300,000.

stock photo pokemon cards

The card’s eBay auction, which ended Sunday evening, managed to reach $311,800 after 124 bids [via Kotaku]. To put that in perspective, you can buy a beautiful house log cabin in Finland for under $300,000. 

So, you might be wondering why this Pokemon card is worth more than your credit card. Well, it’s down to the rarity and condition of the card. This specific collectable managed to obtain a “virtually perfect” condition rating from the grading service “Professional Sports Authenticator”.

charizard card
Credit: of the Coast

The card is also a first edition, which is evident due to its lack of drop shadow behind the artwork. All of these factors combined make it one of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world. 

Despite the card’s rarity, it actually sold slightly under previous auctions of a similar nature. Back in 2020, two other Charizard cards sold for $350,100 and $369,000, respectively. A rare test print Blastoise also sold for $360,000 earlier this year. The main question is, who actually has $300,000 to spend on cute anime cardboard?

stock photo pokemon cards

As you’d expect, buyer information on eBay is private and only disclosed to the seller. So, unless the card’s new owner boasts about it, we’ll probably never find out who the buyer was.

It’s apparently common for the wealthy elite to buy collectables and modern art to hide their wealth. There’s also the likes of YouTuber Logan Paul, who’s been getting very spend-happy with pricey Pokemon cards.

logan paul with pokemon card
Credit: YouTube:Logan Paul

If anything, the price of collectable Pokemon cards is a testament to the series’ pop-culture significance. Pokemon is a work of art, and its prevalence will probably outlive those that grew up with it. 

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Featured Image Credit: of the Coast