Details about Rainbow 6 Siege’s New Operation ‘Grim Sky’ have been Revealed 

The rumour-mill has gone into overdrive for Ubisoft’s next season of Rainbow Six Siege, entitled Operation Grim Sky. Details of the upcoming updates have started to surface, and it sounds like the game might be heading to good old England. 

How innnteresting!

Surprisingly there hasn’t been too much information released about the event, but at least we’ve finally gotten something. Even if it just a single teaser image… 

Artwork for the upcoming changes seem to suggest that the game will be set in Britain, and feature map reworks for a better gaming experience.

According to reports the first map chosen for a rework is planned to be Hereford Base, one of the training facilities featured in the original Tom Clancy Rainbow Six novels. 

Ubisoft Montreal has planned map reworks throughout the game to change the balance of battle, making for a more well-rounded experience for players.

Hereford Base will have certain spots in its map removed for ease of gameplay, and the architecture will also be looked at to make way for any necessary wall-smashing you might need to undertake. 

One of the new Operators for the new Rainbow Six Siege event is actually British himself – a Defender – though his name and skills have yet to be revealed by Ubisoft. 

Operation Grim Sky doesn’t have too many other details as of yet, but it’s expected make its debut appearance in France later this month. The game will be revealed at the Six Paris Major, from the 17th-19th August 2018. 

As of yet, there’s no release date for the operation either.

You can download Rainbow Six Siege in its current form right now – available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.  

Are you excited for more Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky details and are you ready to jump back into the massive online game once again?