Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Can Function As An iPod

Nintendo just caught the whole world up with all the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news. The game, which is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch in December this year, looks bigger and better than we even thought possible. 

Boasting over 300 different stages to pick from plus a whole host of new and exciting characters, this is definitely a Nintendo title to pick up. 

There’s dozens of new features, including more intuitive play that requires a lot more skill, customisable music options that allow you to pick your favourite tracks from a specific franchise and some new and exciting items. 

In the new Smash you can customise just how hard your game will be, with the option to turn on (or off) the stage distractions (such as extra enemies) and you can even transform the stage through battle, taking you from one stage to another of your choosing. 

Probably one of the most unique ideas coming into the game though is the announcement that the game’s EIGHT HUNDRED music tracks can be played when your Nintendo Switch has the screen off. Make a playlist, pop your Switch into your bag (or large pocket) and take Smash’s music anywhere you go. 

It’s a nice idea for long trips, and it really shows off the never-ending list of things the Switch can do. 

One of the biggest announcements in the Nintendo Direct is the inclusion of the Castlevania franchise. With a spooky stage, enemies from within the Castlevania world, and the addition of the heroes as playable characters, this is going to please a LOT of NES fans. 

Another fantastic addition is Monster Hunter’s dragon, Rathalos, who is the first character in the game’s history who acts as both a boss and as an Assist Trophy.


What’s really gotten us curious is the “mysterious mode” blurred out of the feature on the game’s menu screen…what could it be? 

Are you excited for Smash Bros. Ultimate?