Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 1 – What’s New?

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 1 will include a new operator, map and measures to address toxicity and keyboard users. 

Known as Operation Commanding Force, this new season will include an “immersive reload update” and an attempt to “address players using mouse and keyboard on consoles.” Furthermore, Ubisoft aims to address toxicity that they hope will make their community feel safer.

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Battling toxicity 

Rainbow Six Siege’s new anti-toxicity measures include the Reputation Penalty which mutes “repeat offenders by default” in the hopes of combating hateful and disruptive speech. However, muted players will still have access to voice chat with players still having the choice to unmute them.

Mouse & Keyboard

“Players who use mouse and keyboard on consoles will activate a penalty that adds lag to their inputs,” the developers explain. “The goal of this penalty is to encourage fair gameplay by removing the unfair advantage that mouse and keyboard players have on consoles. While active, continued use of mouse and keyboard gradually increases the lag over several matches, making it harder to aim and shoot. Completing matches with a controller will gradually reduce the lag back to normal.”

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 1 – New Operator

Another new operator is being added to the game’s large roster. This time will be the addition of Brava. She is described as “an invaluable new Attacker equipped with the Kludge Drone gadget”. Additionally, her drone has the ability to disrupt surveillance whilst providing counter-tactics by accessing electronic resources. 

Her concept artist Sunshine Kim says this about Brava: “She really values her family, hometown and her heritage… She’s a strong leader with years of experience, but she’s not an intimidating and strict leader.” Kim also reveals that she is the cousin of fellow operative Capitão. 

She is fitted with either the PARA-308 or CAMRS in her primary slot and a Super Shorty or a USP40 as her secondary options. 

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 1
Credit: Ubisoft

The new Rainbow Six Siege season will also come with standard balancing and tweaks to its current operators and equipment. Additionally, a new battle pass will be available. 

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Source: Eurogamer