Ray Tracing And Texture Packs Make Minecraft Look Like A Next-Generation Game

Mojang’s Minecraft is one of the most iconic games of all time. From its near-limitless gameplay opportunities to its unique and instantly-recognisable aesthetic, it’s an absolute classic game that’s going nowhere anytime soon.

That being said, the blocky graphics that Minecraft are known for definitely look a little…out of place here in 2019. Although they’re undoubtably a part of what makes Minecraft so great, it might be nice to see what Minecraft would look like with a bit of an upgrade.

Credit: YouTube:BasildoomHD

If that’s something you’ve always been curious about then you’re in luck, because YouTuber BasildoomHD has gone ahead and worked some magic to bring you a look at what Minecraft would look like with ray tracing and texture packs. Spoiler alert: it looks unbelievably cool and I highly recommend you check out the video below.

Credit: YouTube:BasildoomHD

The video’s description says what we’re all thinking: “Minecraft Sonic Ether’s ray tracing shaders make the game look like real life. Hands down the best shaders ever for Minecraft. Who knew Minecraft could look next gen in 2019?!”

Check out BasildoomHD’s work in the video below [via UniLad].

YouTube video

If you’re looking to recreate this gorgeous display in your own game, you’re going to need to purchase a few different tools, shaders and modding packs including the likes of Optifine and Pulchra.

You can find a full list of the mods used to achieve this look in BasildoomHD’s video description right here.

Credit: YouTube:BasildoomHD

Naturally, the YouTube video has been flooded with positive comments from Minecraft fans and modders alike.

“CLICKBAIT,” joked one fan. “I came here for Minecraft, not a real life house tour.”

“Bro show off the nether next time, I wanna see hell early,” requested another.

There really is no end to the myriad of possibilities offered up by Minecraft.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube:BasildoomHD