Of Course Razer Has Created A Futuristic Face Mask

Video game accessory creator Razer is creating a futuristic face mask that wouldn’t look out of place in Ubisoft’s The Division.

This fancy translucent face mask has RGB lighting effects and voice-amplification tech, making it, as Razer claims: “the world’s smartest mask”.

However, what does this fancy mask do other than help protect you and those around you?

Well for starters it has Active Ventilation which has“95% bacterial filtration efficiency” and also helps to prevent a build-up of CO2 in the mask.

An issue with common facemasks is that it can sometimes be a struggle to communicate with others while wearing one. The mask can muffle your voice and it can hide some facial cues when interacting. 

razer facemask
Credit: Razer

For example how many times have you smiled at someone while wearing a mask? It’s a natural response but when wearing a mask, no one can see you smile and you probably just look like a weirdo giving off a dodgy stare.

However the Razer masked dubbed “Project Hazel” is transparent, so people can see your facial cues when talking and your wonderful smile. Plus you can be heard clearly thanks to the voice-amplification tech.

YouTube video

The Project Hazel mask is also waterproof and is made from environmentally friendly recyclable plastic. It’s made for long-term use unlike disposable masks. It even has an “unobtrusive silicon guard” for added comfort.

Coming from someone that is autistic and has asthma, wearing a mask isn’t the most comfy of accessories, but I do what I need to do and I’d love to own this mask from Razer. In fact, it would be an ideal product for many.

razer facemask
Credit: Razer

However with it being a Razer product, when it does become available I expect it to carry a premium price likely out of my range.

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Featured Image Credit: Razer