Red Dead Online Fans Aren’t Happy At Lack Of Updates

Red Dead Online fans aren’t happy with the game’s lack of updates, and are calling on Rockstar to provide more (thanks, Polygon). 

Last week, the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline trended on Twitter. That’s because the online add-on to Red Dead Redemption 2 has barely received any major updates since launch in 2019. And its last big update was in 2020, coming up to two years ago.

Rockstar recently put out a post detailing updates coming to the game, but it only focuses on experience points and in-game cash bonuses. So Red Dead Online fans formed the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline to demand more from the game.

red dead online
Credit: Rockstar Games

Ben T., who regularly covers Rockstar related news, expressed disappointment as part of the hashtag, writing “Two years of this nonsense from Rockstar now. They simply don’t care anymore, the care and love for Red Dead 2 is long gone. It’s all down to GTAV now, what a disappointing turnout.” 

Red Dead Online news explained why fans were posting about the hashtag, saying “For those asking why fans are using #SaveRedDeadOnline instead of moving on, it’s because we know the game has potential, we know Rockstar can and should do better. If everyone moves on, then there’s no hope for RDO and little hope for the RDR series.”

It’s clear fans of Red Dead Online feel very passionately about the game. GTA Online has received regular and constant updates since its launch. It is understandable that updates might be slower because of the pandemic.

But it is also surprising how quiet Rockstar has been regarding Red Dead Online, while GTA Online has continued to receive updates. Perhaps this fan outcry will get Rockstar to reconsider its approach to the game.

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games