Reddit Shames Gamer Who Chose World Of Warcraft Over Wife

There’s no denying the immersive power of video games. Some players would rather live out there life in a virtual realm, similarly to Ready Player One, while others simply use the medium as short term form of escapism. However, one gamer learned that no matter what your gaming preferences are, it’s never okay to choose World of Warcraft over your wife.

world of warcraft
Credit: Blizzard

In a post titled “AITA For leaving my wife outside without keys while I played World of Warcraft?” on Reddit [via Yahoo], one gamer described how their devotion to the MMO led to their wife being locked outside.

My wife and I live in a major city, and had ordered food delivery,” said the OP. “Our building is small (only one other unit) and it has a vestibule of the kind where if a door closes behind you, it locks.

Typically, when we order delivery and the doorbell rings, I go downstairs to collect the food. But, on the night in question we were preparing for a particularly difficult boss encounter (they last ~5-7 minutes). If you don’t do the mechanics properly, you will die and lose your buffs, and potentially cause all 39 other players to die, too.

world of warcraft
Credit: Blizzard

After explaining the apparent importance of boss encounters and MMO mechanics, the Redditor goes on to explain exactly how their wife got locked out of the house:

So, right as we start the encounter, the doorbell rings and she goes downstairs to get the food. As she was leaving I told her to not forget her keys, but she did. So, after collecting the food she was stuck in the vestibule with no way back into the apartment.

Credit: Blizzard

The WoW avid then claimed that they “ignored” the doorbell until the boss encounter was over, which they said took around five minutes. This is despite the fact that their wife uses the doorbell to let them know if she’s stuck.

The response to the offendee’s plea for advice was nothing short of what you’d expect. One commenter replied, saying, “You seriously need to reevaluate your priorities.” Another simply summarised the situation by stating, “Treating a damn game better than your wife.”

The moral of this story is simple. Don’t choose video games over your wife’s welfare, or you might just find yourself being branded an a-hole on Reddit.

AITA For leaving my wife outside without keys while I played World of Warcraft? from r/AmItheAsshole

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Featured Image Credit: Blizzard