Redditors Have Noticed Something Unnerving About The Borderlands 3 Logo

Redditors have noticed something pretty hilarious about the Borderlands 3 logo following the announcement and trailer.

Take a look for yourself…

So this is slightly Phailic imo. from r/gaming

Yup, it really does look like a c*ck and balls, doesn’t it?

One gamer commented: “Now that you mentioned it … yeah, you’re right.” Another added: “Even more of a reason to buy it!”.

However, one unimpressed fan wrote: “Everyone knows dongs go left to right. I think you’re just projecting what you want to see.”

What do you think?

Anyway, while we’re on the subject, an unlikely hero has also come out of the BL3 trailer, see if you can spot them…

YouTube video

Yes, it’s the gun. The little walking gun with legs, boo.

In fact, the gun has become so popular since its debut in the trailer, that people all over Reddit are making him into a meme.

Check it out…

Borderlands 3 has thought of it all from r/gaming

The thing we always needed, but never asked for. from r/gaming

Brick Sax Solo from r/gaming

WE GOT YOU, BOO from r/gaming

It’s been a long, hard slog for Gearbox and Borderlands fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting the next Borderlands game for literally years.

The company behind one of the most beloved franchises of all time has been teasing the release of a new game heavily hinted to be Borderlands 3. Like, really heavily hinted.

Credit: Gearbox

Gearbox clearly loved stringing us all along, and continued to do so until the last few minutes of its time on the PAX main stage.

Well, the waiting paid off because Borderlands 3 is officially official, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Taking the stage at PAX, Gearbox showed off the following trailer and – yes, it’s everything we ever wanted and was TOTALLY worth the wait (and the myriad of technical difficulties).

Let’s face it, Gearbox hasn’t exactly been subtle about this release. Still, the actual confirmation is nonetheless VERY exciting, especially for long-standing fans of the franchise.

Unfortunately, the game reveal comes as no surprise. The rumours started with the occasional eye emoji and suspicious turn-of-phrases. Then came the announcement that Gearbox would be taking the stage at PAX East.

Credit: Gearbox

Next came the following tweet, which shows off a distinctly Borderlands-style road sign with the date “March 28,” the date that PAX East kicks off – and today’s date.

Adding fuel to the fire, the image also includes “Boston,” where PAX is currently underway, and “Exit 3,” potentially suggesting…y’know…Borderlands THREE.

We then got a teaser trailer, which looks very Borderlands-y without outright saying it was 3. If you missed it, check it out below.

YouTube video

How excited are you for Borderlands 3 and what do you think of the reveal? Should Gearbox have teased us for this long, or has it ruined the announcement?




Featured Image Credit: Gearbox