Reddit’s Noticed NPCs In Red Dead Redemption Turn Into Skeletons

Even though Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2 launched a good few months ago now, it looks like players are still discovering new things thanks to the seemingly endless attention to detail from Rockstar Games.

Posting on Reddit’s r/reddeadredemption sub, a user named Johnny_GazeeboIII shared the following image, along with the caption: “Just an example of NPC corpses going through the stages of decomposition. I came back a while later and saw that a few of the corpses had turned to skeletons.”

Credit: Johnny_GazeeboIII/Reddit

It’s not exactly a game-changing feature, but it’s the amazing little details like this that make the game one of the best of its generation.

It doesn’t end there though, as one Redditor commented on the post saying: “Love this detail! Also when you walk a distance from a corpse and come back you’ll see birds eating the dead guy’s eyes out.”


Credit: Rockstar Games

Actually, it’s not a bad way to get yourself some bird kills. Another user notes that baiting this way is “easiest way to do Weapons Expert 3,” so if you’ve been stuck on that one then you’ve get Reddit to thank.

Sharing their own experience of the body decomposition in RDR2, one player went into even more detail, saying: “I came across it farming bounty hunters at the O’Driscoll’s ranch

“I cleared out the gang hideout there so that mini-gun would be in the barn, and then kept spawning BHs by sleeping at the nearby campfire, and getting BHs to spawn and try attack me through the front gate — so I could mow them down with the mini-gun.

Credit: Rockstar Games

“50+ corpses later and many many days of time advanced, the corpses were in so many different stages of deterioration”

Well, it’s nice to know Rockstar Games is serious when it comes to its devotion to realism!

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games