Resident Evil 4 remake is now also available as an anime

Ahead of the Resident Evil 4 Remake coming later this week, a new Studio Ghibli-esque animated short has been released. 

With Resident Evil 4 dropping on the 24th, Capcom are holding out all the stops by releasing a new anime short. Clearly inspired by the much-loved Studio Ghibli, this animation is titled ‘Leon and the Mysterious Village’. 

Screenshot from the new Resident Evil 4 Remake Studio Ghibili-style animated short. It shows Leon Kennedy.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Anime Style

The first episode of what we hope to be a mini-series follows Leon as he searches for the President’s daughter, Ashley. Clad in his infamous jacket, Leon stumbles across a strange town with its even stranger inhabitants. 

YouTube video

It isn’t long before the seemingly idyllic town turns deadly when the villagers turn on Leon with an array of weapons. Despite asking for help, these people seem to have different plans. The less-than-one-minute episode ends when Leon gets a swift blow to the head with an axe. 

Interestingly, this episode was produced with Japanese anime studio Nippon Animation. This company is well-known for its work on the World Masterpiece Theater series. 

The countdown ends

With 4 days left until the Resident Evil 4 remake releases, hype is still in the air after the game received 10s across the board recently. We were also lucky enough to get our hands on this game too and you can read all our thoughts here!

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The countdown is finally coming to an end. Are you excited for the RE4 Remake? Let us know across our social media platforms.