Resident Evil 7 Has Taught Capcom That Quality Games are More Important Than $$$ 

Resident Evil VII is largely recognised as one of the best Resident Evil games in a long time, after the series’ turn into more action-based games was panned by fans. 

Resident Evil V and Resident Evil VI are arguably the weakest of the Resi main canon games, with the focus shifting from horror and fear to shoot-’em-up action sequences from army heroes. We’re still not over the whole boulder-punching thing…

Resident Evil VII, however, was a complete turn back to the basics of the franchise, bringing back the sense of claustrophobia and the true survival horror aspects that the first games in the series excelled at. 

Now it seems as though Capcom has learned a lot from the success of Resident Evil VII. In an interview, Capcom Europe’s COO Stuart Turner revealed: “While we have shareholders to appease, it’s not just about commercial performance [of a game]. 

“There is an artistic element that always comes in where we know this is the right way. And while if we compare RE7 to RE6 the absolute numbers are not the same, in terms of the profitability… it’s completely fine.  

“It ticked all of our boxes internally. It was really well received. And in some respects, getting some very good review scores counts as much for Capcom as a game that sells millions and millions and millions. We’d prefer a game that got a 9 and sold less, than got a 6 but sold more.” 

Fans of the Resident Evil franchise would be quick to agree with Turner on that point. Resident Evil VII is one of the best survival horror games we’ve seen in a while, and it’s definitely a return to the best era of Resident Evil. 

The rebooted, revamped and restyled version of the classic Resident Evil 2, which has blown classic horror fans away with its 30 minute ‘One Shot’ demo, is due to release 25th January 2019. It’s expected to have one of the biggest launches of the franchise, with over 2 million downloads of the game’s demo.