Resident Evil 7 Prequel Revealed By Capcom, But Don’t Get Too Excited

Don’t @ me, but Resident Evil 7 is an underrated masterpiece and a stand-out gem of the RE series. The 2017 horror rewrote the tried-and-tested formula of the franchise, creating an experience that was as horrifying as it was absorbing. Thankfully, Capcom isn’t finished with 7 and its lore, as the company has today announced that a RE7 prequel is coming.

Now before you get too excited, let me manage your expectations a little. The new game is called Resident Evil 7: Walkthrough The Fear [via GameRant], and it’s a VR-only title, which comes as a disappointment for a lot of RE fans.

Credit: Capcom

However, RE7 VR was an amazingly terrifying experience, and if this new prequel is in the same vein then we’re hopefully still in for a treat. (Unless you’re me who gets motion sickness when using VR).

Interestingly, it’s been confirmed by the developer that the game will have a heavy focus on multiplayer, with two to four players taking on the challenge of surviving the Baker mansion. RE7’s main antagonist Jack Baker will be making a returned seeing as the game’s a prequel, and each playthrough will take around 40 minutes.

Credit: Capcom

On the plus side, it looks like it might be releasing sooner rather than later, which is some good news at least. There’s going to be a very limited number of people who’ll get to go hands-on with the game this later this month, suggesting that it’s at least somewhat playable in some form.

Attendees at The Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro VR-X booth in Tokyo will be able to preview the game on October 26. But unless you’re in Tokyo at the time then maybe don’t count on it.

Credit: Capcom

As for the rest of the world…well, we’ve still got Project Resistance on the way.

How do you feel about the news of Resident Evil 7 prequel?

Featured Image Credit: Capcom