Very evil.

Resident Evil Online Museum Is A Fascinating Window Into Series’ History

Capcom has launched an online Resident Evil museum, which includes information and never before seen art on the earlier games. 

The Resident Evil museum is called the Resident Evil Portal. The site provides details on the history of the first three games, and Resident Evil Zero. Clicking on each game will give you an overview of the story, as well as some artwork that hasn’t been officially shown off anywhere else.

You can even play some background music from each of the games to add to the atmosphere. One of the best pieces shown on the site is to do with Resident Evil 2. It shows a very grumpy, anime-esque Leon Kennedy. 


The section on Resident Evil 3 also comes with a couple of maps of Raccoon City. Which gives you a detailed look at the layout. All of the artwork is incredibly high res, providing an amazing look at some of the older 3D renders. This site will definitely be great for preservationists. There will presumably be more games added to the site in the coming weeks as well.

You will need to have a Capcom ID in order to access any of the details for some reason though. Signup isn’t particularly complicated. But it will try and get you to sign up to some newsletters that you likely won’t read.

In recent Resident Evil news, a recent report provided some details on the rumoured Resi 4 remake. The remake will apparently change a number of things about the game. This includes the time of day the game is set, and fleshing out side content.


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Featured Image Credit: Capcom