Resident Evil Players Criticise Capcom For Changing PC Requirements

Resident Evil players have criticised Capcom for changing the PC system requirements following the recent upgrade patches.

Yesterday the new-gen upgrades for the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes arrived, as well as an upgrade for Resident Evil 7. The upgrades came with an improved 4K resolution, smoother framerate, faster loading times and ray-tracing.

This was welcomed news for the Resident Evil community who game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. However, it wasn’t welcomed news for some PC players and understandably so.

Upgrading to the new-gen versions on consoles is easy. For PlayStation, simply select the new-gen upgrade from the PS Store or your game library, and download it. For Xbox, it’s even easier. The game will automatically upgrade via Smart Delivery.

Resident Evil looks better than ever!

resident evil 2
Credit: Capcom

For PC, the upgrades arrive via a patch, and this is what’s causing issues. On PC Steam, once the patch has been downloaded and if your system isn’t up to standard, you won’t be able to play the games. Naturally, with all the enhancements that the upgrades bring, more powerful system requirements are needed.

Sadly, having a beefier PC isn’t always an option for some, especially for those that were previously able to run the Resident Evil games in question without any issues. PC gamers expressed their frustrations on a Reddit post.

Even worse, as stated on a Steam blog post, once the updates have been downloaded, you cannot revert back to the original versions. This means for some, the games will become unplayable.

resident evil 7
Credit: Capcom

There’s no going back, yet.

Please be aware that once the upgrade patch has been applied, the game cannot be restored to the previous version even if the game is uninstalled,” states the blog post.

You can play the Resident Evil games offline to avoid the patches, but that’s not particularly ideal and if you accidentally download a patch, you’re pretty much screwed.

resident evil 3
Credit: Capcom

I’ve tried the patch, it’s awful. It runs worse and even looks worse in some areas… the pre-baked lighting in the original already looked so so good,” said a Reddit user. “My disappointment is through the roof and I’m angry they got rid of the ability to play the old version.

Hopefully, Capcom will release a patch soon giving the players the choice of playing previous versions of RE2, RE3 and RE7.

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