Resident Evil star Lance Reddick reacts to Netflix cancellation, calls out ‘Trolls’

Resident Evil star Lance Reddick reacts to Netflix cancellation by thanking fans as well as calling out the haters and trolls.

Reddick, who played iconic villain Albert Wesker in the live adaptation, thanked those that made and enjoyed the series. “We made a hell of a show,” said the actor in a video posted on Twitter.

However, the actor then took a stab at those that may be perceived as toxic. “As all of you are well aware by now, our show Resident Evil on Netflix has been cancelled,” said the star. 

Resident Evil Netflix star called out the “trolls”

The actor continued: “the haters and the trolls notwithstanding, I want to give a special thank you to all the fans who watched the show, got what we were doing and really loved it because there is a hell of a lot of you.

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There is no doubt that this series wasn’t very well received overall. This despite starting off with a strong first two weekends on the streaming platform.

During its first weekend, the Resident Evil series totalled 72.7 million hours of views. Furthermore, it then followed up with 73.3 million for its second weekend. However, the series dramatically dropped out of the top ten in its third weekend.

As with any form of high-profile media entertainment, there will always be a corner of the internet that has very extreme views. That being said, many fans of the classic survival horror series have fairly criticised the Netflix adaptation.

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Did the Resident Evil name hinder the series?

As a standalone post-apocalyptic zombie series, perhaps this Netflix show may have been better off without the Resident Evil branding. A lot of the critique on social media came from using Resident Evil monsters as well as its licence very loosely.

Not to mention criticism of poor writing and characters that were difficult to connect with. However, despite concerns over the writing, many fans were also appreciative of Lance Reddick’s version of Albert Wesker and his memorable performance, despite concerns over script quality.

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Some of the monsters looked great!

Personally, I believe that some of the monsters and CGI looked fantastic. I just wished some of the fan-favourite Resident Evil creatures had more of a reason to exist, instead of feeling like a cameo in an attempt to appease fans.

What were your thoughts on the Resident Evil Netflix series, did you enjoy its single season or are you happy it’s been cancelled? Let us know across our social media channels.

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