Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed Abilities Guide

For Crypto to gain new abilities, he must find Furotech Cells and also use the Gene Blender. Once enough cells have been gathered or humans have been collected, Crypto can upgrade his abilities. 

Here’s our Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed Abilities guide:

Body Snatch

This ability allows Crypto to take over a human’s body for as long as their health meter lasts. Once it runs out, he’s thrown out of the now lifeless corpse. Fun huh? It’s a good mechanic for infiltration and also allows for snatched humans to remain alive should they be left with enough health.


Forcibly extract a human’s brain – one less monkey and DNA on top as a bonus!


Manipulates human minds to follow Crypto wherever he goes. Armed humans will also fight for and protect Crypto.


Forget is more of a resetting ability for humans in-game. Want them to stop following you or for them to forget they’ve seen you exit another human? Forget will clear situations like this straight up.

Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed Abilities Guide free love

Free Love

Victims of Free Love will lose it and start to party like it’s 1960, which also wipes the victim’s minds. This allows Crypto to go about his business and do another task without being detected. 

Gene Blender

Remember when we covered collecting humans? Well, the saucer’s gene Blender ability is how Crypto abducts humans and blends their DNA to gain juicy upgrades for his PSI  abilities such as Body Snatching.

Mind Flash

Need to distract the entire human population of Earth whilst resetting the Alert Meter? No problem, MInd Flash has a player’s back. Brains or plenty of spare time is needed to recharge the ability, however!


Psychokinesis, or PK, allows Crypto to move living and inanimate objects with his mind. Toss foes into hard obstacles or bodies of water for best results.


Scan allows Crypto to read minds.Whilst most of the time these thoughts are just the usual crude banter, this skill comes in handy for some missions.


Ever wanted an ability that can destroy vehicles and other objects whilst turning them into ammo at the same time? This is where Transmogrify comes in handy. Warning: only works on vehicles if one has unlocked being able to lift them with PK as well.

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