Returnal Causes Outrage After Patch ‘Breaks’ The Game For Countless Players

Housemarque has issued a patch for Returnal, following a previous patch that broke the game.

The initial 1.3.3 patch was causing a headache for many Returnal players, who lost their save files as a result. As a result, Housemarque swiftly reverted the game back to version 1.3.1 and advised players to wait for the next patch. Thankfully, the developer managed to get a new 1.3.4 patch released relatively quickly. However, despite Housemarque apologies about the situation, many players seem to be salty about the gitch and their lost saves.

Upon announcing a new 1.3.4 patch, Housemarque was met with additional sass from the game’s community, mostly regarding other unresolved bugs. While Returnal’s game save error has been resolved, other bugs with the game apparently include random crashes, card errors and glitchy doors.

Additionally, some players also appear to be simply unwilling to pick up the game again after initially losing their saves. While most players are asking for a refund, some have even gone as far as to suggest that the game should be pulled from the PlayStation store.

Hopefully, most Returnal will be able to look past the patch glitches and pick up the game again. The situation is understandably very frustrating, especially for players with a lot of hours on the game’s clock. However, Housemarque acted swiftly and accordingly, apologising for any detriment the glitch brought to the game’s experience. While Returnal is far from being a glitchless game, it’ll hopefully become a more robust experience with every subsequent patch to come.