Evil Morty Origin Story ‘Secretly Revealed’ In Rick And Morty

While Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s acclaimed animation may only have aired 31 episodes since it debuted in 2013, it hasn’t stopped Rick and Morty developing a cult following.

Revolving around an alcoholic mad scientist and his stuttering grandson (both voiced by Roiland), Rick and Morty is honestly one of the zaniest things you’ll ever watch. From rapey jelly beans to an anatomical riff on Jurassic Park, finding out what a Plumbus is to seeing one of the main characters morph into a murderous pickle, Rick and Morty literally has it all.

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The big pull is the fact Rick and Morty is a cartoon that is sometimes too clever for its own good. Appealing to adults and (older) kids alike, there’s an inconnected story and plenty of Easter eggs littered throughout. Who could forget the show’s brilliant campaign to bring back the forgotten McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce?

Now, eagle-eyed redditor u/Jack-the-knife (via Digital Spy) thinks Evil Morty has been putting his sinister schemes into play since the very start of the series? We first met Evil Morty in Season 1’s “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” and it quickly became clear he’s something of a genius.

As Roiland and Harmon hype the return of Rick and Morty on November 10, the show’s official Twitter wrote, “Black and white and dread all over”:

The opening credits of Rick and Morty are known for changing slightly with each season, but one constant scene features the dynamic duo being chased by monsters and Rick escaping using his portal gun. This poor Morty is left behind and is presumably devoured by hungry monsters, but what if he somehow escaped the jaws of death and became the vengeful Evil Morty?

There’s some pretty compelling evidence to back this up. As well as the idea Evil Morty replaced his broken body parts (like his use of a cybernetic eye), we already know it’s possible to put yourself into a different dimension. After the catastrophic events of “Rick Potion No. 9”, ‘our’ Rick and Morty escaped from Dimension C-137 and started a new life away from the Cronenberg creatures.

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Interestingly, the theory also takes into account the fact that Rick can remember Morty’s childhood. Considering the whole crux of the show was Rick being an absentee father who abandoned his daughter, how could he remember baby Morty? The theory concludes the baby Morty we see Rick caring for is the original Morty, aka the (presumed) dead one, aka Evil Morty.

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Whether it’s all just a drawn-out fan theory of something more, rest assured that we’re going to see what Evil Morty is up to when Rick and Morty returns for Season 4.

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