Rogue One Writer Says EA Has ‘Catastrophically Mismanaged’ Its Star Wars License

The world is still recovering from the shock that was EA announcing it was axing it’s highly-anticipated new Star Wars game. The game, which was apparently going under the codename Orca, was planned to have you play as bounty hunter who’d explore various open-world planets and work with various factions from the universe of Star Wars.

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Unfortunately, we’ve since learned that EA is choosing to work on “smaller” Star Wars productions, potentially in the hopes of getting something released by 2020.

Lots of people were disappointed in the news, with some fans even calling for EA to be stripped of its Star Wars license, and it seems at least one person involved in the franchise agrees.

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Gary Whitta, writer of Disney’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, has spoken out against EA and the way it handled its rights to the series.

Speaking to The Sixth Axis, Whitta said: “After it was cancelled I saw some stuff, I saw what they had up that point, it was far from finished but it looked amazing, it would have been Star Wars Uncharted which I’m very excited about.”

Star Wars Uncharted sounds like exactly the game fans would have wanted…RIP.

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Whitta went on to add: “My understanding is what they [EA] were saying all the way through is that we don’t want to make Star Wars Uncharted. Well, maybe don’t hire the narrative director of the Uncharted games to make it for you, and figure out what it is you actually want?

“If I was an EA shareholder, I’d be f**king furious,” he added. “It has been catastrophically mismanaged.”

Over on Twitter, people seem to agree with Whitta.

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Who would you like to see take over the Star Wars games’ license?

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