God Of War Artist Shows Off His Take On Super Smash Bros. Characters

The Game Awards 2018 GOTY winner, God Of War, has some of the best visuals of any game on the market, and it’s mostly down to the game’s art director, Raf Grassetti.

Grassetti’s flawless artwork has helped to make the game as amazing as it is, but his talent doesn’t end with Kratos and friends.

Credit: Santa Monica Studio


The artist has shared his own personal take on some of the best and brightest characters in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the results are both jaw-droppingly cool and also a little scary.

Check out his take on Pikachu:

Or maybe you want to see a hyper-realistic (and 100% adorable) Diddy Kong?

We’ve got Metroid‘s Ridley:

This is a King K. Rool we wouldn’t like to take on in any stage…

Mega Man:

A pretty cool Sonic that the live-action movie people need to take a look at:

This sinister Mewtwo:

Good ol’ Bowser:

Star Fox:

And a very pretty hero of time:

Check out more of his work over on Twitter, or on Instagram.

Credit: Santa Monica Studio


Which of these is your favourite?

Featured Image Credit: Raf Grassetti