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Rot In A Porcelain Dream Is Combat-Focused Perfection Steeped In Fantasy

It’s rare to find a combat-heavy indie game with the polish and precision of your typical AAA, but that’s exactly what we’re seeing from the upcoming title, Rot in a Porcelain Dream.

Credit: Yamo Studios

Inspired by the likes of Dark Souls, Rot in a Porcelain Dream promises to deliver tough-as-nails gameplay set against a background of high fantasy.

“Explore a dying, dark fantasy world warped by powerful personas known as beacons,” says the official game description. “Fight to survive, save your home, and watch as the world around is changed as the powers of the beacons strengthen or weaken.”


Rot has already received high praise from gamers across social media after basking in the spotlight of Twitter hashtags such as #PitchYaGame. Though the game is still in development, a number of videos showing off the gameplay so far have been enough for the upcoming title to already have a solid following of fans.

It’s not surprising when you see what the people at Yamo Studios have cooked up already – check out a phenomenal battle sequence in the tweet below!

“Rot brings together the unique combination of a tag/assist style combat system inspired by the tag-team subgenre of fighting games with strategic, methodical combat inspired by Dark Souls,” explains Yamo Studios on its official website.


“Players will get to master three powerful heroes with an arsenal of unique combos, abilities, assists, and ultimate attacks. Powerful entities known as beacons exert influence over the world and its inhabitants and as their powers wax or wane, the world is reshaped giving players a dynamic space to explore as they progress through their adventure.”

Sadly we don’t yet know when Rot in a Porcelain Dream will be available to play for ourselves, but regardless, it’s definitely one to keep your eye on if you like challenging gameplay and deep fantasy.

Here’s an early snippet of gameplay, released back in 2018.

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: Yamo Studios