Rumour: Battlefield 6 Maps Designed For ‘At Least 128 Players’

It’s alleged that the upcoming addition to the Battlefield series is aiming for its maps to support at least 128 players.

Credit: EA/DICE

We don’t know much about Battlefield 6, other than it’s tentatively headed towards to 2021 release. However, known video games leaker Tom Henderson is claiming to have new details on the game – specifically regarding its play counts.

As spotted by VGC, Henderson took to Twitter claiming: “Maps have been designed with 128+ players in mind. But 32 vs 32 will also be a standard playlist.”

Though this might automatically spring the idea of 64vs64 matches to mind, Henderson went on to clarify: “It doesn’t necessarily mean 64vs64 is coming. The core game is still 32vs32.”

Henderson also wrote about the potential for a Battle Royale mode, tweeting: “There’s also been increased interest in Battle Royale due to the success of Warzone. No confirmation of a BR in the next Battlefield yet, but could EA and DICE be planning a F2P Battlefield experience?”

Although Henderson has been a fairly reliable source of leaks in the past, here’s your disclaimer: as always with unconfirmed rumours, take the news with a pinch of salt for now.

Earlier this summer, an EA spokesperson confirmed to VGC that the game is still targeting a 2021 release. They told the publication at the time: “The team at DICE is working on the standalone Battlefield V update releasing this summer, and continuing their work on delivering Community Games,

Credit: EA/DICE

“While the studio’s vision for Star Wars Battlefront II is now complete with this week’s The Battle on Scarif Update, the servers, in-game challenges, recurring events and game support will continue as the game lives on with players and the community. We’re looking forward to hearing players’ stories for both games, for years to come.

“Longer term, the studio is focused on the future of Battlefield that we’ll be bringing to players in 2021.”

It’s not clear if the global pandemic will cause a delay to Battlefield 6’s launch, but considering just how many games we’re seeing delayed, it’s not exactly out of the realm of possibility.

Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE